Shri Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

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Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

Very few Gods in Hindu mythology are as praised as Lord Hanuman due to his colossal power and unequalled courage. His loyalty, devotion and love for Lord Rama, keeps inspiring hundreds of thousands of devotees, and teaches them the true lesson of courage and duty. He is known to have a kind heart who can guide his devotees from a path full of darkness to a path shining with the true knowledge of life. Devotees worship Lord Hanuman by singing Bhajans in the name of the brave Lord, describing his selfless dedication to Lord Ram and his bravery and kind heartedness. Consisting of Forty Chaupies or verses, Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most recited hymns among the Hindus. It is believed that praising the lord and singing his Chalisa regularly would make the lord pleased and anyone who can recite this hymn daily would be able to lead a prosperous life. He would also be able to keep dangers and negative energies at bay.

Benefits of the Yantra

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is a very powerful and effective yantra which has Lord Hanuman’s face and the entire Chalisa engraved upon it in a miniature form. The Yantra comes with an idol of Lord Hanuman, a Raksha kavach engraved on its back and pendant with a locket of Lord Hanuman. The best thing about the yantra is the pendant. One can very easily wear it and keep Lord Hanuman close to his heart. One can very easily derive the powers and benefits of the yantra as it is very closely in contact with him. Made in Europe with high-tech European technology, the yantra is given a high end finish and its durability is increased to many folds. What is surprising that the Chalisa engraved on the yantra is visible even with naked eyes. The main component, however, is the Raksha Kavach engraved behind the yantra. This Raksha Kavach wards off the evil powers and keeps problems at a distance. It attracts positive energies and stops the negative energies from harming the person who owns it. The original kit comes with a certificate which authorises the authenticity of the yantra, a warrenty card which gives the user a chance to replace the yantra if it has any problem and a gold plated chain with a powerful pendent in it which the person can wear.

How to use it?

To get the full benefit of the yantra, it should be worn on a Tuesday. Sit in front of the temple in your home and take out all the contents of the box on the platform of your temple. Wash them with the holy waters of Ganga and offer the Prasadam to God.Light incense and put flowers on the feet of Lord, recite the Chalisa and sing hymns in praise of Lord Rama. Then take the pendant and wear it while reciting the Chalisa. You will be able to feel the instant change in yourself. Your confidence level will boost and you would instantly feel more positive. Wearing this yantra will give you the strength to face your problems with courage in your heart and bring success in your life.